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Kind Words :

"Best building inspection I have ever witnessed! Tripp had an organized approach and quickly worked thru the property in a professional & detailed manner. He took the time to review the areas of concern with me on site. The infra-red survey was impressive too. The next day a detailed report was available for my use. Highly recommend!"


“The inspection service Tripp provided for many years in Summit County Colorado are truly missed.  I was forced to see the reports done by other inspectors since I did not always have a voice in the decision of which inspector to use.  Tripp in fact always did such a good job of not only identifying problems but also direction on solving those problems.  I always recommended him to the sides of the transactions I was a broker on.  Even more importantly when it was a property I was buying he for sure was the trusted man.” 


Who We Are

Experienced. Knowledgeable. Professional.

As a homebuyer you're naturally excited when you put your prospective new home under contract.  A new home is the American dream and one worth getting excited about.  As we all know, however, nerves and the prospect of some unknown problem can sometimes dampen the mood, making you wonder if you're making a sound decision.  That is what Assurance Inspections is all about:  Providing some assurance, and peace of mind to your home-buying process.

With approximately 2,000 inspections and 20 years of real estate experience in the Atlanta and Denver markets, we bring the kind of experience you should expect from a home inspection company.

Whether you’re looking to purchase a new property, or you’re trying to sell your current property, Assurance Inspections of the Carolinas is ready to serve you and your family with unparalleled experience, and a steadfast commitment to de-mystify your future new home.

Our inspection reports provide a thorough, highly detailed, and easy-to-read snapshot of a given property with cutting edge software, thermal imaging, and perhaps the best tool of the trade of all... a highly experienced home inspector.

Scorched Door
Scorched Door

This door was opening against an electric heater--fire hazard!

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Coroded Flue
Coroded Flue

Sometimes newer furnaces have corrosion issues due to improper drainage

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Dryer Vent
Dryer Vent

Dryer venting into a crawlspace

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Scorched Door
Scorched Door

This door was opening against an electric heater--fire hazard!

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Technology / Thermography

We utilize the latest technology such as infrared thermal imaging.  The images below are taken from actual home inspections.


Thermal Imaging can detect an array of issues such as missing insulation


This is a leak from an upstairs bathroom found in a lower level ceiling

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This is a main breaker getting very hot:  360 degrees F!


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